too many computer wires at desk

Finally!  You’re fed up with the mass of cables around your desk and you’re switching over to a wireless keyboard.  There’s so much to gain from cutting the cord, and with today’s wireless technology there is absolutely nothing to lose.

But which keyboard is best for you?  Get familiar with the current features in today’s top wireless keyboards and you’re halfway there.   (Note:  this article is going to discuss wireless keyboards in desktop scenarios.  We have a separate article that recommends wireless keyboards for your iPad or tablet.)

First thing to check is whether you have Bluetooth on your comp or not.  If you’re not sure, check here.  No Bluetooth?  No problem.  There are still plenty of choices that use USB receivers to communicate with your comp.  And you always have the option of purchasing a separate Bluetooth USB adapter.  You can plug these adapters into any USB port on your computer and presto! your comp can now communicate with any Bluetooth device, including keyboards.

blue illuminated keyboard Next up decide if you want your new keyboard to be backlit or not.  One of the main advantages of having a wireless keyboard is it’s ability to function in a wide variety of environments:  from the couch, to the bed, even on the roof.  And having the keyboard keys illuminated can add another layer of freedom to your new workspace setup.

Do you want to be able to type into your smartphone or tablet using the same keyboard that is connected to your desktop?  There’s really only one good option (the Logitech K810) that allows you to pair your keyboard to multiple devices, but if this appeals to you in any way definitely take a look at the K810.

couple watching home theater personal computerNext consider if you want to be able to use your keyboard with a home theatre computer (HTPC).  Why does it matter?  There are some good wireless options these days that have a trackpad built into the keyboard, super handy while trying to navigate menus from the couch, no mouse needed!

And finally, how important is it to you to have a number pad built into the keyboard?  If you need one keep in mind that many of today’s keyboard manufacturers try to slim down their wireless repertoire by removing the number pad.  Commonly referred to as tenkeyless keyboards, it’s a fancy way of saying ‘Sorry, no numberpad!’

And one last note on typing feel.  You’re not going to see tons of variation in typing feel for wireless keyboards.  Most of your top choices will feel ‘familiar’ when you type on them for the first time.  The vast majority are using membrane technology with chiclet style keys.  These keys have shallow depth and it gives them a crisp, slightly mushy feel that is common in most laptops as well.

wireless keyboard freedomKeeping in mind which features are most important to you, here’s our 2014 list of the best wireless keyboards.  Our final selection is determined by product reliability, company history, product features, and user feedback.  And then once you’ve become unchained from the Wire, don’t forget to sit back, relax, and revel in your newfound freedom.


Keyboards Guide 2014 Best Wireless Keyboard

logitech k810 top choice wireless keyboardLogitech K810Bluetooth, Backlit, Multi-device switching$$
apple wireless keyboard for top wireless keyboard picksApple Wireless KeyboardBluetooth$$
logitech k400 140 width for top wirlesss keyboards picsLogitech K400USB receiver, Trackpad$$
logitech k360 wireless for top wireless keyboard picsLogitech K360USB receiver, Full Keypad$


Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated K810

Logitech K810 bluetooth wireless keyboardAlso a top pick in our Bluetooth list, and for good reason.  The K810 is from a reputable brand and is a giant step forward for wireless keyboards.

As mentioned above, the K810 uses proprietary EasySwitch technology to allow you to pair the keyboard to three separate and distinct Bluetooth devices.  So yes, you can be typing into your desktop and with the click of a button start typing into your tablet or smartphone.

Fully backlit keyboard using white LEDs.  Illumination level can be adjusted automatically or manually.

Brushed aluminum design gives keyboard sturdy feel, weighs 1 pound.

No keypad.  Charges via included USB cable.  Available with Windows keyboard layout or Mac keyboard layout.

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Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless KeyboardFor anyone addicted to typing into Apple products, the Apple wireless keyboard is a top notch choice.  The chiclet style keys will feel familiar to anyone accustomed to Macbooks.

This is a Bluetooth enabled keyboard that will work with nearly any Mac device (and most PC devices).  It’s powered by included AA batteries, but don’t worry too much about battery life.  Changing batteries is a rare occasion for most users and this keyboard has smart technology to power down when not in use.

As with most Apple products, it has flawless build quality using an aluminum chassis.  Coming in at less than one pound total weight makes it feel both sturdy and mobile at the same time.

No keypad, but there are similarly designed Bluetooth keypads from third party vendors if you need one.

No backlighting, 1 year limited warranty.


Logitech K400 with built-in touchpad

Logitech K400 home theater pc keyboardQuickly becoming the default choice for home theatre personal computer (HTPC) users.  The basic idea is to use the K400 from your couch to control your laptop or comp that is connected to your TV.  Having the touchpad built into the keyboard is a massive time saver and lets you do away with finding a flat surface for your mouse.

This not a Bluetooth keyboard, it uses the Logitech USB Unifying Receiver to communicate with your comp, so you will need an available USB port to use this device.  It can also connect directly to internet-enabled TVs that have an available USB port.

The built-in trackpad is 3.5″ in diameter and comes with two buttons for left and right clicking.

This is a very couch-friendly device (wireless range is 33 feet/10 meters).  Compact design, weighs 12.6 ounces.

Powered by AA batteries (included).  No keypad.  No backlighting.

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Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

logitech k360 wirless keyboardWe include this entry as a top choice for an entry level wireless keyboard.  It’s amazing what you get considering the price point for this keyboard.  Like most Logitech products, it comes with a 3 year limited hardware warranty.

The K360 also connects via Logitech’s Unifying Receiver, so you’ll need an available USB port to use this device.

Battery powered using included AA batteries.

Full keypad.  No backlighting.

Windows keyboard layout (read about Mac compatibility here) and it also comes with 12 programmable F-keys.

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Final thoughts

Wireless keyboard technology is evolving just as rapidly as the rest of the world.  If any of the just-released models supplant any of our top choices in this list we’ll be sure to let you know.  In the meantime, feel free to ask any general or model-specific questions in the comments section below.