Let’s just say that we spend way too much time on our keyboards:  work, play, everything in between.  Collectively, it’s been somewhere around 8000 days since we started using keyboards as our main tool for survival, in a variety of professions:

  • Non-linear Television Editor on Avid
  • US Stock Futures daytrading scalper (Sierra Chart)
  • Screenwriter (Final Draft Pro)
  • 8-tabling Hold ‘Em and PLO online poker player
  • Wannabe RTS gaming pro
  • Semi-Professional Internet Surfer :)

Logging so many hours on computers has made us extremely picky with our main tool of use.  We’ve evolved to know that keyboards can be your best ally and an incredible time saver, so we don’t tolerate cheap keyboards any more.

There’s one basic requirement for any product you’ll find on our ‘Top’ or ‘Best’ lists:  we have to trust it.  Our lists are whittled down from dozens of options in each category, so any entry on the list has already made it through this primary filter.   Our goal is to make keyboard info accessible and digestible at the speed of Internet.

Take heart knowing that all of the recommendations you’ll find on our site are from keyboard users, not makers.  We’re not associated with any of the keyboard manufacturers that we discuss here.

Thanks for stopping by :)  If you have questions let ‘em rip and we’ll get back to you.