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Typing Heaven, Topre style

The Topre Type Heaven is on our radar lately.  Topre’s offerings  are usually a bit costly, but the Type Heaven is competing at a price point inhabited by one of our favorites, the Das Keyboard Ultimate (approx. $150). The Type Heaven is not your typical mechanical keyboard. 

3 Steps to Keep Your Keyboard Clean for Life

Question:  Name three places in your home or office that have more germs per square inch than a toilet seat? Answer:  Your keyboard is one of them, and the other two will be revealed after you clean your keyboard (Whatever! Mouse and phone are the other two).

The Art of Keyboarding — How to type faster!

  First, a challenge!  Go to typeracer (or click the pic to the right) and click ‘Enter a typing race’ (it’s free and no registering required).  You’ll be taken to a race with real people and you MUST correctly type the passage using proper grammar and capitalization.

Laptop keyboard covers — Here’s what you need to know

  When it comes to permanently safeguarding your laptop you really only have three choices:  Stop eating and drinking around your comp (not gonna happen!)  Be a Zen master when your Big Gulp destroys your new MacBook Pro (no thanks!)  Sacrifice a bit of the typing convenience

You spilled WHAT on your keyboard?!!!

So the inevitable has happened, the dreaded spill onto your keyboard. You scold yourself for breaking the no drink rule and the anxiety starts kicking in.  But before sending yourself to your room, remember that you have a greater than 50 percent chance of saving the keyboard