Typing Heaven, Topre style

The Topre Type Heaven is on our radar lately.  Topre’s offerings  are usually a bit costly, but the Type Heaven is competing at a price point inhabited by one of our favorites, the Das Keyboard Ultimate (approx. $150).

The Type Heaven is not your typical mechanical keyboard.  From the Topre website:

Utilizing our own non-contact electrostatic capacitance technology, Topre’s keyboards boast fatigue-free operation and high durability especially suitable for lengthy data entry work.

Hmmm lengthy data entry work, not the most appealing sales pitch, but their capacitance technology is definitely unique.  No bottoming out necessary but with subtle tactile feedback that justifies the moniker “Topre switch”

topre type heaven mechanical keyboard

We’ll take a look at it for our 2015 Mechanical Keyboard Ranker to see if it is truly typing heaven, but until then here’s a quality review from Tech Report to keep you busy.